Michelle Barrie


Reiki Energy Healing Session

Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy tailored to your specific needs for healing.  Additional modalities available to you are Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Chakra Analysis and Balancing, Crystal Grids, Guided Meditation and Breathwork.  A perfect opportunity for you to recalibrate the mind, body and spirit.

In Person:

20 min = $50

30 min = $70

45 min = $90

60 min = $110
Combo Reiki + Reading Save 15%

Distant Reiki Healing:
30 min = $60
45 min = $70
Combo Reiki & Reading save 15%

Distant Reiki Healing. Treatments are provided Via Zoom, Facetime or Facebook Instant Messenger Video Chat. We will set the intention for your Healing Session, then you will experience a guided meditation with Crystal and Tibetan bowl vibration and beautiful Reiki energy channeled directly to you.  Reiki energy is divinely intelligent, and with intention can travel directly to where you need it, be it mind, body or Spirit.

Lenormand, Tarot and Oracle Card Readings and Mediumship Cartomancy 

Guided Messages from Spirit to help you live your best life.  I read various card systems as well as cast Crystals, Charms and Dice for additional messages.  Mediumship through Cartomancy also available.    

20 min = $50

30 min = $70

45 min = $90

60 min = $110

The Grand Tableau = $175

Combo Reading + Reiki Session Save 15%

The Grand Tableau is the most profound and in depth reading of the Lenormand system.  It literally means, “The Big Picture,” and that is exactly what we will see within the cards.  This 36-card spread reveals how all aspects of your life are serving you (or not) whether it is Love, Health, Money, Business, Friendships, Family or whatever is significant in your life.  This is the most comprehensive reading you will ever receive, and you will literally be blown away!


Reiki Certification Classes

Learn how to channel Life Force Energy to Heal yourself, others and the planet.  Levels I, II and III available.  Discounts provided when you bring a friend to join the class.

Level I = $111 (1-day)
Level I & II = $222 (2-days)
Level III = $133 (1-day)
Combined I, II & III = $333 (3-days)

Lenormand Card Reading Beginners, Advanced & Development Classes

Learn to connect with your Guides and Angels through this wonderful card system.  No previous experience is required.  You’ll be amazed at how easily and quickly you will be able to learn and understand the 36 cards in this deck. Learning the art of Cartomancy is a life changing experience, will deepen your connection with Spirit, and is an especially useful tool for gaining clarity in all areas of your life.   

Beginners class: The Fast Track to Lenormand = $88 (2-days)
Advanced Class: Journey Through the Tableaus = $88 (2-days)
Development Classes = $18-22


Private Parties in Person or Via Zoom

I offer, Reiki Circles, Energy Healing Sessions, Mediumship Readings, Gallery Card Readings for all occasions. The price varies on services and time requested. Please inquire within.

Subscription & Bundle Services

Morning Meditation & Reiki Charge – 20 min Distant Reiki w/Meditation (7 AM EST) $ 20/month

Reiki 4 Sessions Bundle-pack (45 min each session) $222 (save $58)

Reiki 6 Sessions Bundle-pack (45 min each session) $333 (save $87)

Combo Reading + Reiki Session Save 15%