Michelle Barrie

Lenormand Groupie Fun!!!


Let's cast some cards and talk about everything Lenormand. Here is an opportunity to discuss any blocks you may be having with your readings. I will bring some new spreads […]


Lenormand Groupie Gathering on Zoom!


Hi Groupies!! Happy New Year everyone. In this month’s gathering we will review the basics and we’ll be doing readings for each other.  So, bring your questions and your favorite […]

The Sun Dial – Combining Divination Systems


Introducing the Sun Dial - a creative way to incorporate multiple divination systems into one spread. In this workshop, we will be using the following systems: Lenormand Tarot Numerology & […]


Past Life Regression with Lenormand


Join Brenda and Michelle on Zoom for an insightful workshop. Journey into your past lives in this group regression. Unlock the mysteries of your soul's past and learn how this […]


Mindful Body & Soul Healing Weekend Retreat @ Mindful Moments 4/1 through 4/3/22

Mindful Moments Palm Beach 10397 Southern Blvd., Royal Palm Beach, FL

(See links below descriptions for options to this event - you can purchase all events or select an option.) Mindful Moments has put together a lineup of recognized exceptional Intuitive Individuals & Healers that all bring something very different to ensure an amazing Weekend Healing Retreat. This Retreat will allow you to completely unwind, relax, […]

Introduction to Lenormand on Zoom: A Beginners 3-evening workshop.


Do you wish to make a deeper connection to Source and your Spirit Guides? Divination with the use of Lenormand cards is a very useful tool. Michelle will help show you how fun it is to learn and how they can enrich your life and the lives of others. The Lenormand Cards speaks a language […]