Mystical Michelle

The Fast Track to Lenormand: A 2-Evening workshop on 8/13 & 8/20.


Do you wish to make a deeper connection to Source and your Spirit Guides? Divination with the use of Oracle cards has been a very useful tool for me and I am so excited to show others how they can enrich their lives and the lives of others with this card system. The Lenormand Cards […]


Lenormand Groupie Fun!!!


Let's cast some cards and talk about everything Lenormand. Here is an opportunity to discuss any blocks you may be having with your readings. I will bring some new spreads to try so bring your questions, we will be doing readings for each other. This is an open forum for all of my students, beginner […]


Learn Mediumship through Cartomancy & Charm Casting with Michelle Barrie


As Cartomancers it is understood that the messages we receive through our readings are from spirit. But “spirit” is a general term for the many types of beings that wish to communicate with us. Especially our loved ones. Join Michelle Barrie and you will learn how to connect with the loved ones, friends, neighbors, pets, […]